Want A Trouble-free Canada Visa For Tourists and Work in Canada? See How Now!


How do you feel when you got your dream at your hand? The Canada Visa! At the same time got permission as a tourist to work in Canada! Screaming! isn’t it? Yes! 

Canada is one of the best travel destinations for overseas workers for tourists and works in Canada because of its leading economy and high quality of living style.

There are different ways one can get work in Canada without a work permit. In this regard, You have to apply for a work visa. After getting a job offer from a Canadian employer, you can apply for a work visa. This implies that as an origin of your home country you can get a job contract and utilize that to apply for a work visa from Canada Immigration.


How can you get benefitted from a Canadian work permit?

With a Canadian work permit,

  • You can earn dollars and visit Canada.
  • You can work with the Canadian Employee where the work permit included the work details. So that you can work with a legal permission letter.
  • Can apply for a Permanent Resident visa after getting the visa. 


Requirements Needed For Application Of A Work Permit

To apply for a Canadian work visa, you must meet certain requirements which will be reviewed by the authorities. As an applicant, you should convince the authorities that you will be back after the expiration of your visa. 

A valid passport with 6 months validity from the planned date of arrival in Canada.


  • Need Two recent passport-sized photographs.
  • Educational qualification certificates.
  • Proof of professional qualifications, including work experience getting extra facilities.
  • Proof of having adequate financial resources to cover their expenses for staying in Canada.
  • Medical examination results from registered hospitals.
  • Application fee. 


Work Permits

There are basically two types of work permit, Open work permit, and Employer-specific work permit.


Openwork Permit

This permit allows the applicant to work in any place of their choice and they decide who they want to work for and what kind of job they are willing to do in Canada, except for jobs banned by the government of Canada.


Employer Specific Permit

With this work permit, you can only get to work for that particular employer. Sometimes this kind of visa offers conditions like the type of job where to work and the duration of work.


There are three basic steps to getting a temporary work visa that they include:

  • The employer applies for labor market opinion.
  • Employers extend the duration of the temporary job offers for foreign workers.
  • A foreign skilled worker can apply for a work permit.



With all the requirements made available not knowing how best to go through your application can cost you your dream of working abroad. Having a legitimate agent in Canada can be a major addition to the point and will furthermore work with your work visa application.

At the point when you have every one of the prerequisites, go through enrolled people who will drive the interaction and assist you with accomplishing your objectives. They can likewise assist with the restoration of your work license.


These are the primary procedures of Canada’s Immigration. So why worry! Get your Canada visa in this simple way. Live a happy life as a tourist and work in Canada. To know anything else drop it in our comment box. We are eagerly waiting to answer your valuable questions.

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