6 Simple Way You Need To Know How To Apply For Tourist And Work In Canada

Are you a tourist and work in Canada? Does any tourist in Canada can work?How can I get a tourist visa from Canada?

Yes! All of your answers are here.

Every year more than 22.1 million tourists visit Canada. The robust economy, ease of visa processing increase this amount. For different purposes tourist visits Canada business, travel, health or any other issues. 

Canada tourist or visit visa is a visa that allows visitors or tourists to enter Canada on a temporary basis for visitation or for tourist and leisure purposes.

The Canadian tourist visa is allowed for a most extreme time of a half year. There is room for extension but that attracts extra pay and some other processes.

Tourist Visa Types

There are two types of tourist visas and each of them remains valid for a fixed period and once it expired cannot be reused.

Single entry visa

As the name suggests, a single traveler visa permits the visa holder to enter Canada once. After he leaves Canada he will require another visa to enter again even without the visa lapsing. The only exclusion is if the traveler went to the United State, St. Pierre, United State, St. Pierre, and Miquelon, he or will not need a new visitor visa to return to Canada.

Multiple entry visa

This allows a visitor to enter Canada several times without having to apply for another visa. The multi-purpose entry visa can be substantial for as long as 10 years, or one month before the visa holder’s identification terminates.

Steps To Apply For Canada Tourist/Visiting Visa

Before you get started with applying for a Canada tourist visa, read the complete information on the visa/permit requirements on the CIC website to be sure that you are eligible for the application. Once that is confirmed, you can go ahead with the procedures below.

Step 1:

Choose how you want to apply.

It’s either you apply online or you apply on paper but whichever once you choose it, you will lead to getting a visiting visa.

Apply Online  

When you wanted to apply online you ought to have a credit card to access and a scanner or camera to have the option to make electronic duplicates of your supporting reports. For online applications, you can click here.

Apply on paper 

To apply on paper download the application structure for your visa and the significant agenda and follow the stages mentioned below.

Step 2:

Fill out the tourist visa application form

Go through the guidebook and gradually fill up the paper application structure. Note that the finished application should incorporate the standardized barcode page. Your application might be returned or rejected on the off chance that you don’t give all the mentioned data, documents, and expenses.

Step 3: 

Pay the processing fee

Pay the fees for your visa application. Travel fees should be paid through bank draft or ensured check. You should refer to the travel fees plan for current expenses and bank draft details. Point to remembers that you should check this website page again prior to get the most recent data on visa application expenses.

Step 4:

Visit local Canada Visa Application Centre (CVAC)

Visit your local Canada Visa Application Centre (CVAC). Make sure to convey your visa, photos, complete forms, and all supporting archives according to the checklist of the CIC travel fees instrument and payment directions.

Step 5: 

Submit over your application form

At the CVAC present your finished application and pay your service charges. This receipt will contain your remarkable tracking number which is important to track the advancement of your application on the web. You will likewise be needed to give your biometrics.

Step 6: 

Track your application online

Utilizing the exceptional following number, track your application on the web.

If your application for a tourist visa is denied, there is no formal appeal process or a refund of the application money. You should reapply to verify that all the important data and reports are finished properly.


These are the primary steps to get a Canada Visa as a  tourist and work in Canada. Get your desirable work in Canada with a tourist visa. Enjoy your life. It is possible only with the tourist work permit in Canada. To know more about what type of visitors are allowed to work in Canada, drop your query here. If you are interested in how to work permit in Canada then check out our contact section.

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