Check Out 19 High Profile People Kidnapped By Evans And The Amount Paid For Their Release

“Shocking List of high profile people Kidnapped by Evans and the ransom they paid for their release”

Chukwudubem Onwuamadike, popularly known as Evans is a notorious Kidnapper who had co-ordinated bank robberies across many cities like; Oyo, Port Harcourt and Abia, also many high-profile kidnapping whose ransoms amount to hundreds of millions of Naira was reportedly sentenced to death by hanging by the Lagos High Court .The judgement was passed by the court on Monday.

Evans was arrested in June 2017 at his home in Lagos and given 52 charges of multiple murders, armed robberies, kidnappings, unlawful possession of firearms, unlawful possession of ammunition, conspiracy, among other charges.

According to a report gotten from Vanguard Newspaper in June 2017 he told the police that he has lost count of the number of people he had kidnapped and the amount he collected as ransom from them, however, he was able to mention a few he kidnapped before he was arrested and how much he collected from each of them.

Here’s a list of 19 high profile people Kidnapped by Evans and the amount they paid for their release, according to the reports gotten from many sources.

1. The owner of Kings Paint was kidnapped in Benin City in 2010 and had to pay N40m to regain his freedom.

2. Mr. Randeki, who was kidnapped and had to pay N30 million for his release.

3. Mr Ohunyon Ernest was kidnapped in November 2011 in Edo State and he had to pay N85m, before he was released.

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4. Mbarikatta William Uboma, kidnapped June 16th, 2012 on his arrival from Hungary, while he was close to his house. He was in the company of his brother, on their way from the airport, when another car emerged and blocked theirs. They grabbed Uboma, blindfolded him and forcefully abducted him. They later demanded a ransom of N100M. However, N20M was later paid while they collected other personal accessories. He was finally dropped at Okota on the third day.

5.Paul Cole, A Director with Ocean Glory Commodities, Apapa, he was kidnapped on August 3rd, 2012, at Festac Town, together with his General Manager, Jude Ugoje, and another staff, Piriye Gogo. On August 6th, 2012, they collected N20M ransom at Maza-maza, before letting their victim off the hook.

6. Mohammed Jamal, a Lebanese, he was kidnapped on August 19, 2012, at Ajah. N17M ransom was later paid at Ojo Area Lagos before he was released.

7. Mr. Leo Abraham, was Kidnapped on August 20, 2012 and was only released after his family paid a ransom of N15 million.

8. Kingsley Nwokenta, was kidnapped on September 19, 2012, after he left the Lebanon Bar in Festac Town and he had to pay N15 million in addition to his black Toyota Venza car that the gang seized as part of the ransom for him to be freed.

9. Mr Anthony Ozoanidobi, was Kidnapped on October 10, 2012, along Marwa Road in Satellite Town. He had to pay N15m  before he was released at Apple junction, Amuwo-Odofin in Lagos.

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10.Tom was kidnapped in Benin in 2012 and he paid N100m to the gang before he was released.

11. Mr Dan Odiete was also kidnapped in Benin City in 2013, paid N100m to regain his freedom.

12.The owner of Uyi Technical was kidnapped by Evan’s gang in Benin City in 2013 paid N100 million for his freedom

13. Chief Raymond Okoye Odu-Na–Ichida was kidnapped in 2015 and had to pay $1m to regain his freedom after two months of captivity.

14. Uche Okoroafor, a trader at Alaba international Market , kidnapped 2015, held captive for three months, paid $1M Ransom for his freedom.

15. Elias Ukachukwu was kidnapped in November 2015. He also had to pay $1M.

16. Ojukwu Cosmas, a Toyota parts salesman at Aspanda Trade fair, was kidnapped on January 21, 2016, at Festac Town and had to pay $1m before he was released.

17. Francis Umeh, another spare parts dealer at Aspanda Trade fair, was kidnapped in July 2016, at Raji Rasaki Estate. he paid $1 million ransom for his release.

18. Mr. James Uduji was kidnapped by the gang at Seventh Avenue, Festac Town around 2016, was made to pay the sum of $1.2 million before he was released.

19 Mr Donatus Dunu, a Pharmacist and Importer of Drugs was kidnapped on February 14, 2017 in Elupeju area of Lagos and after the sum of N150million was paid by the family to Evans he refused to release Duru. He said that the family members had been rude to him and therefore, must pay an additional N300 million before he would be released. But Fortunately Mr Dunu was able to escape from the Evans gang’s place in Igando on May 12, 2017.

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It was after the escape of Duru, according to the statement by Evans that caused problems for the gang leading to misunderstandings and betrayals which lead to his arrest.

In total Evan collected 3,187,000,000 BILLION NAIRA from 19 victims