Drama In Church as A Fight Breaks Out Between A Pastor & His Landlord

Landlord and pastor Crisis as fight Breaks Out in a church in delta

Members of Mace & Truth Arena, a church in Delta state are faced with a brutal fight in church as pastor refuses to adhere to landlord’s quit notice.

Reports say that during church service today, August 23, it was suddenly disturbed as the owner of the building stormed the church to chase out the pastor and his members.

A source said that the landlord had been patience with the pastor after giving him a quit notice since last year, but the pastor violated the quit notice saying that their church is still building a new one.

The landlord also contacted the pastor recently but yet he refused to move out.

Angered by the pastor’s refusal, he stormed the church in the early hours of today with some men and was confronted by the pastor and his members.

From the video trending online, you can see the pastor and his member fighting with landlord and his boys to the extent of picking up weapons.

Readers all over social networks who saw the horrible incident, are displeased with the pastor for displaying such a callous behavior in someone else’s property.

The landlord on the other hand had his own share of the blame for not following the right process because only a court order can vacate a tenant from a building.

Users online believed that if the landlord had followed the right procedure that it will be the court sending the pastor out instead of the drama that they displayed in a holy place of worship.

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See the video below…