How To Make A Receiver Pay For Your Call

Here is how you can make the individual you are calling pay for your approaches the Major Networks suppliers in Nigeria MTN, Airtel, 9mobile(Etisalat) and Glo, with the guide of the guide on this post you will, in any case, make calls with 0.00kb parity and the recipient will cover your tabs, We share the USSD codes and the methodology for utilizing collector pays administration on any of the systems above, read on to get the data.

There are circumstances where you are out of a broadcast appointment and need to make that critical call, perhaps you are in a remote area in this manner couldn’t accepting broadcast appointment or even revive using your versatile application or USSD code, or you most likely come up short on broadcast appointment in a call, or as an understudy, you may need to call your folks, in any of those circumstances you may need to utilize the beneficiary pays administration, ideally, the beneficiary will have some Airtime and pay for the call charges, so here are how you can do that effortlessly utilizing the MTN, GLO, AIRTEL AND 9MOBILE Receiver pays 4 call administration.

Significant Network suppliers permit clients to get to the “Collector pays administration” with various USSD, the administration is just accessible to clients on a similar system that is to state that an MTN Subscriber can’t utilize the administration to call an Airtel or 9mobile supporter, additionally, the recipient paying for the calls should acknowledge the proposal to pay for the calls and if he chooses not to, at that point he wouldn’t, so here are how the To make calls while the beneficiary pays for it.

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Step by step instructions to Make Call While The Receiver Pays On MTN

To utilize the collector pays administration on MTN you should adhere to the guidelines underneath.

Stage 1. You can ring the beneficiary by dialing 121 followed by the number#.

For Example:


Stage 2. At the point when you’ve effectively dialed the number, you will get the accompanying reaction from MTN Nigeria:

Stage 3. Presently, the MTN Nigeria system will attempt to check if the meaning supporter (beneficiaries) of the call which you’ve rung, two things.

The beneficiaries Tariff plan.

The collector’s Account Balance.

After MTN Network has done that, the collector will get this message.

“Welcome to MTN Call Sponsor administration.

Press 1 to acknowledge,

Press 2 to dismiss,

Press 3 to acknowledge and add to the white rundown,

Press 4 to reject and add to boycott.

Presently, your call support will be required to either press;

1 To acknowledge the call

2 To dismiss the call

3 To acknowledge the call and add your number to the white rundown.

4 To dismiss the call and add your number to the boycott.

Note, anyway that if your called support squeezes 1, the call will be associated and you’re the versatile number called will be charged for the call as indicated by her/his MTN2MTN levy plan rate.

Be that as it may, if your call collector squeezes 2, the call will be dismissed and you will get the notice message:

In any case, if the called number presses 3, the call will be associated and your number will be added to your white rundown toward the finish of the call.

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In any case, if your support squeezes 4, the call will be dismissed and your number added to his/her dark list(this implies he have restricted you from calling him on utilizing the support administration).

Step by step instructions to Make Call While The Receiver Pays On Airtel

Here is the way To Make Someone You Are Calling Pay For Your Call On Airtel

The First methodology:

To accomplish this you should dial # before the number you need to pay for the call, note that the number must be an Airtel number, eg #0709*****56, the beneficiary should acknowledge paying for the calls, else the call wouldn’t experience.

The Second Procedure:

You can likewise make the beneficiary support the call by dialing 777 followed by the beneficiary’s No. At that point Send e.g

777080 ****.

Instructions to Make The Receiver Pay For Your Call On GLO

To utilize the Pay4Me administration on Glo and make the beneficiary compensation for the calls you have to adhere to the guidelines underneath

Before setting the call to add 7733 as a prefix to the number before calling eg


As a standard, the beneficiary will be required to acknowledge the proposal to pay for the calls, on the off chance that he acknowledges the call will experience, else you should attempt again.

The most effective method to Make Call While The Receiver Pays On 9mobile(Etisalat)

To utilize the Receiver pays administration on 9mobile(Etisalat) you should peruse the directions beneath

Before putting the call you should include

268 as a prefix at that point send, eg

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2680818*****67, when the client gets the call, a voice brief telling him/her the provisions of the call and a choice to either to acknowledge or dismiss paying for the calls.

That is all on how you can make collector pay for your approaches MTN, Airtel, Etisalat and Glo systems…

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