Husband punishes wife by hitting her head with an iron rod

Man punishes his wife by hitting a iron rod on her head

After being forced into marriage at the tender age of 13, Mrs. Chiamaka Okechi from Ezeama Mgbagbuowa, Enugu State, has cried out for help after sustaining serious injuries from a recent attack on her from her abusive husband of 13 years, Mr. Obinwanne Chiafo. The mother of 8 reportedly has never enjoyed matrimonial life.


An NGO, Women Aid Collective (WACOL), disclosed that Obinwanne had severely battered his wife and forcefully ejected her from their matrimonial home in 2015, including taking custody of six out of their eight children. Even after remarrying, he came back to ask for forgiveness and then impregnated her again only to abandon her again. The latest incident was on the 21st August, 2020, when the estranged husband came to her house and unleashed terror on her.

“He pounced on me, kicked and punched me very hard all over my body, including several heavy blows that landed on my chest.


I screamed as a result of the excruciating pain, but he kept on and brought an iron rod which he used to hit my head, causing me severe head injury. It was at that point that he ran away,” Chiamaka said.


The victim went ahead to the Police station at Aguobu Owa, to report the incident but, unfortunately, was asked to bring money which she couldn’t afford.


She explained that after the incident, she has been suffering from severe pains on her head and chest and has been passing sleepless nights. She has also been unable to go home for fear that her husband would return to carry out his threat to kill her.

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She pleaded with the law enforcement agencies to arrest her husband before he kills her.