Reactions as Ugandan Ugliest man Marries a Second Wife

Ugandan Ugliest Man Marries a Second Wife

An Ugandan comedian by name, Ssebabi just got married to a second wife. Now some people would say love is everything and that seems to be almost exactly so in this story. Despite the looks of this comedian, he has managed to get two very beautiful women who seemed very happy while marrying him.

As the pictures suggests, the two were very happily married with a lot of well wishers in attendance

Fifty-two -year-old Godfrey Baguma, known as Ssebabi − which translates to “ugliest of them all” − suffers from a rare medical condition that gives him his distinctive looks. He launched his unlikely career as a pop star after his YouTube videos went viral. The former cobbler shot to fame in 2002 after winning an event to find Uganda’s most unusual-looking man, before taking it a step further by launching a stand-up comedy career with comedy outfit, Amarula Family.


Because he was only recently diagnosed with the rare and severely disabling condition called Fibrodysplasia, Baguma declared he was fearful the condition would be passed onto his children.


“Right now I am afraid because I have a little daughter who kind of resembles me. I look at her head and I believe that she might look like me,” Baguma said in TLC’s Body Bizarre programme. “Sometimes I worry because my children are still very young. I worry about what would happen to them if I died. I think about that a lot now.”

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