Simple Trick To Increase Your Memory Card Space

“Simple Trick To Increase Your Memory Card Space”

This is a straightforward stunt on the best way to expand SD stockpiling of 2GB To 128GB this stunt works 100%.

Required things:

One advanced cell with an android variant, one memory card 2GB.

Open document administrator and Check the subtleties of SD card, see the capacity 2.64GB

After that, you go to the play store and download the application. ES traveler

In the wake of introducing the App, open this application go to interior stockpiling then after open SD card you will see telephone memory then after you open android information, presently make another organizer name ‘det document” and spare it. At that point open this envelope by content ‘ES note editor” presently you see a clear page, After this clear page, presently alter this page compose just ‘Make it huge”

Presently you figure what number of MB in 128GB

128GB= 128×1024=131072MB

Presently open that page where you composed ’cause it huge” to compose there ‘Make it huge 131072MB’ and spare it. After this procedure, you restart your telephone.

At last, you’ll see your document supervisor subtleties of SD card 124.97GB.

Ensure you don’t miss any progression.

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