Some Abbreviations Used While Chatting And Their Meanings

“Some Abbreviations Used While Chatting And Their Meanings”

Content informing has gotten one of our most regular exercises nowadays. (Obvi.) We take our telephones to the shop, on open travel, even to the restroom. Even though content, otherwise called SMS (Simple Message Service) or MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service), used to be restricted to 160 characters, nowadays most cell plans permit boundless messaging, so u can write whatever you need to your friends. A few words are cool yet don’t abbreviate things (like kewl). From the vintage flip telephones (can they truly be called vintage on the off chance that they’re just 10 years of age?) to the present cell phones, content informing keeps on developing. Discover what individuals are stating in their messages in this rundown of the Most Common Text Message Abbreviations You Should Probably Be Aware Of. FYI WYSIWYG XOXO


Being one of the most well-known words in the English language didn’t help get pls/plz (it would be ideal if you higher on the rundown, coming in as the 25th most generally utilized instant message truncation. Possibly big-time texters aren’t extremely affable?


An instant message shortened forms with numerous spellings, thanks’ alternate ways THX and TKS are additionally not on the highest priority on the rundown. Possibly there’s some fact to this impolite hypothesis…

  • LMK

LMK if you’ve heard this one preceding. Getting increasingly standard in business hovers too (LMK by COB = Let Me Know by Close Of Business), LMK is a decent method to end a discussion when you’re holding on to hear back on something.

  • K

Very little off from OK, “K” has been the base of numerous individuals’ messaging outrage. Ever compose a long message to somebody and they simply react with K? No? K.

  • JK
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JK about composing K to you in the last message. Totes didn’t mean it that way. Another way to say “Simply Kidding”, JK has become a vital instant message truncation. Since an instant message doesn’t have articulation as the human voice does, a few messages can be confounded by the recipient. Thx to emojis, it’s presently simpler to pass on feelings.


I love you so much ILYSM

A most loved couple and moms, the instant message shorthand for “I Love You” is ILY or ILU. It’s most likely best not to utilize JK after ILY. What’s more, don’t react to ILY with #19!

  • IDC

Yowser! This present shortening’s continuous use is very astounding. The SMS shortened form for “I Don’t Care”, IDC may begin a contention whenever utilized in the incorrect manner.

  • IDK

Like IDC yet absolutely safe to utilize, IDK is the shortened form for “I Don’t Know”. Frequently used to react to questions or request explanation as “IDK what that is”, IDK is a gr8 one!

  • GR8

A most loved of guardians wanting to glance cool before their children, gr8 is shorthand for “Incredible”.

  • G2G/GTG

Popular in old talk rooms and web-based informing administrations, for example, AIM (AOL Instant Messenger), G2G/GTG are the shortenings for “Got the opportunity To Go”. Alongside numbers 8, 5, and 2, it’s a typical method to state bye.

  • AML

Corresponding to ILY/ILU, AML means “All My Love”. Try not to mistake it for the famous Reddit feeds of AMA (Ask Me Anything)!

  • BFF

One of the most famous young person SMS shortenings, BFF means “Closest Friend Forever”. BFF was increasingly mainstream in the mid-2000s and is frequently supplanted today with “bestie”, however, BFF has a more grounded meaning.

  • GF/BF
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Darlings love utilizing adoring shortenings. A large portion of us has had a GF/BF, another way to say “Sweetheart” or “Beau”.

  • F2F

Even though we’ve expanded our visiting over innovation, we despite everything appreciate a touch of F2F talk. Another way to say “Up close and personal”, F2F is commonly utilized when a theme is too genuine to even consider talking about using content.

  • ETA

A shortened form (like #7 and #3) which began before content informing, ETA (and its cousin ETD) means “Assessed Time of Arrival” (or Departure).

  • Tmrw/Tmro

“GTG, talk tmrw” was likewise a well known AIM state. The tenth most normal instant message shortening, Tmrw or Tmro is shorthand for “Tomorrow”. It makes us think – for what reason isn’t there a generally utilized condensing for “yesterday”?

  • Def

At times composed as “defo”, Def is a valuable shortened form for understanding. Meaning “Unquestionably”, this would one say one is you ought to def know, k?

  • CU L8R

A typical method to bid farewell, CU L8R (“See You Later”) can likewise be part of Cya or L8r to remain solitary. Would you be able to disentangle this expression? CU l8r allgtr, ina while crkdl.

  • B/C

You should know this one B/C it’s so ordinarily utilized! “Since” has a large group of various shortened forms, including B/C, bc, and cuz – however, don’t confound the last one with your cousin! Setting matters.

  • BTW

Valuable for adding something to a past message, BTW is another way to say “Incidentally”. BTW, what number of these shortenings do you ordinarily utilize?

  • B4N

Like TTYL (“Talk To You Later”) which came in simply off the rundown at #26, B4N is another way to say “Bye For Now”. Nowadays, it is by all accounts on the decay with bai (bye) getting increasingly mainstream. (Try not to mistake bai for bae which is another way to say “darling” or “child”, a tender term for a sweetheart.)

  • B4
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U def can figure this instant message contraction just by sounding it out. Another way to say “previously”, B4 used to be the name of an aircraft plane and is a Battleship prepackaged game position, however that is presumably not where the name originates from.

  • ASAP

Normal utilization in the business world ASAP is another way to say “At the earliest opportunity”. It was regularly observed on solicitations, composing RSVP ASAP. Did you know RSVP is French, meaning “Reservez-Vous S’il Vous Plait”? It signifies “Please save yourself/your place”.


A condensing which, as #1, has begun to get utilized in F2F discussion, BBL (“Be Back Later”) or BRB (“Be Right Back”) is articulated face to face as “brb” and is the second most regularly utilized SMS shortened form.

  • LOL

It’s a serious issue that LOL is the most widely recognized instant message shortened form. Be that as it may, did it truly come as a stun? Another way to say “Roaring with laughter”, LOL has become so standard in our instant messages and verbally expressed words that it was even added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2011.

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