Some amazing features you can try on your phone

1.Scan QR Codes Without an App

Presently you needn’t bother with a unique application to filter QR codes. You should simply to open your iPhone camera and point it consistently on the code at that point tap on the notice you see that would take you legitimately to the item page you can likewise on Android utilize the Google App, empowering screen search, and following a similar convention.

2.Create Custom Vibrations

You can make redid vibration designs on your telephone. After going into Settings on your iPhone, click Sounds and Haptics. Snap-on Ringtone, and, at the top, you’ll see a possibility for Vibration. Snap this and look down until you discover the area that says Custom, underneath which you’ll click Create New Vibration. In this piece of the application, you can make your altered vibration design, which you would then be able to relegate to contacts.

3.Search Photos By Category

Have you been searching for a simpler method to locate some adorable pictures? Presently on the off chance that you have a ton of pictures no compelling reason to stress, you can discover them by tapping the inquiry catch and find in classification.

For instance: animal,nature,food.

4.Diagnose Your Car Troubles

Are you not certain what’s up with your car? And simultaneously on the off chance that you would prefer not to call a repairman that will charge you a ton of cash only for determination simply download the Automatic star application for Android or iOS, that is not all. You should get an ODB-II port that is typically situated close to the base of the directing section. When it’s connected, the application can remind you where you stopped, analyze a motor difficulty, and even caution your friends and family in case of a mishap.

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5. Check the Batteries on Your Remote

You can discover what the issue is quickly utilizing your cell phone. Essentially point your distance at your telephone’s camera and press any catch. On the off chance that you can see the infrared light from the far off glimmering on the screen, your far off is working. Else the batteries are awful.

6.Play Your Favorite Show on Your TV

swipe up and you’ll see a possibility for Screen Mirroring. If you have an Apple TV, click and your screen reflecting application, stand adequately near your Apple TV, and enter your AirPlay password. Fortunately, you can do a similar utilizing an Android telephone, also, if you have a Chromecast or Chromecast-empowered gadget.

7. Keep You Safe While Walking Home

Do you walk home late? The bSafe application, accessible for both iPhone and Android, permits you to send solicitations to chose contacts to follow your area, set a clock that will trigger a misery call to your contacts on the off chance that you haven’t made it home inside a predefined period, and can even calendar counterfeit calls to cause it to appear like you’re conversing with somebody on your outing home.

8. Help You Hang a Picture Straight

Try not to have a level convenient to know how straight the image you are hanging is? Utilize the Bubble level application to get the right points when hanging an image.

9. Start Your Car

You can likewise control your vehicle utilizing your telephone. With Viper Smart Start, you can bolt, open, and even distantly start your vehicle with the dash of an application.

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10.Charge It Faster

Have you at any point considered what makes your telephone charge slower? Simply turn on flight mode and watch your telephone charge quicker.

11.Monitor Your Heart Rate

With the Instant pulse application, you can utilize your telephone’s camera (on Android) or home catch (on iPhone) to quantify your pulse for the day or during your exercise. Some Samsung telephones have uncommon sensors for estimating the pulse.

12. Performing multiple tasks/split-screen

performing multiple tasks empowers you to run two applications simultaneously although this is accessible on just some Android forms which are actuated when you tap and hold an application that is now in late applications subterranean insect swipe it up.