Suspected Armed Robber has been killed by an angry mob in Gboko, Benue State

A suspected armed robber has been killed by an angry mob in Gboko, Benue State

Reports from an eyewitness say that the suspect popularly known as ‘One Man Squad’ who is behind all of the robberies in the state.

The suspect is popular for robbing hawkers, Small business owners and politicians.

Governor Samuel Ortom on Wednesday, said that efforts were directly to recognize criminals inside the nation such as ‘One Man Squad’. ‘One Man Squad’ was caught as he tried to rob a filling station in Gboko.

According to an eye witness, “Immediately he entered the filling station, he shot to the air to scare the people at the filling station. But unknown to him, some youths, who have been tracking him, faced him.

“He attempted to shoot the youth but unfortunately for him he had run out of bullets. He took to his heels but was however pursued by the youths who caught up to him and beat him till his demise.

After he was killed by the angry mob, the police took his corpse to the General Hospital, Gboko as the spokeswoman for the police inside the country, DSP Catherine Anene, showed the improvement.

Anene said, “when he heard that police were approaching as he was robbing, he took to his heels and was pursued by them. (The story didn’t collaborate with reports gotten from eyewitnesses)

“He deserted his rifle and bumped into the group that caused his demise before the police could rescue him”.

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